7th June 2017

Day 2 of Semi-Finals – 35th America’s Cup

Great Sound Bermuda – The wildest day on the water at the 35th America’s Cup had several boats damaged and one even capsized. Emirates Team New Zealand was looking to win its 4th straight against Land Rover BAR when their boat dipped into the sound and capsized at the start line. The Kiwis were hoping to go up 4-0 on LandRover BAR as they race to five points. The dramatic turn of events keeps LandRover BAR, who couldn’t finish a race a day prior, back in the game.

Drama surrounded the other contest between Softbank Japan and Artemis Racing. Softbank Japan under the helmsman Dean Barker, powered its way to two victories over Artemis and now hold a 3-1 lead on the race to five points. Both boats were damaged in the first race but Softbank Japan was able to escape with a victory. In the second, Artemis was penalized for sailing outside of the boundaries thus eliminating any chance they may have had in pulling even with Soft Bank Japan.

The winds are consistent and should be in the teens when sailing takes place on Wednesday with more wind expected at the end of the week.

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