Bermuda Cup Match August 3rd and 4th 2017

Cricket. The world’s second largest sport is also the centerpiece of one of Bermuda’s largest national holidays. It all began back in 1901, when two “Friendly Societies” began competing for a silver cup. The match became so important to Bermudians that it was made a public holiday in the 1940s. Read more


2016 Cup Match Recap

Bermuda – The annual tradition of Cup Match, a two day cricket match featuring St. Georges against Somerset, is Bermuda’s Super Bowl. Ardent supporters wearing the blue and blue or the blue and red turn out year after year to claim bragging rights for an entire year. The 2016 version lived up to the high expectations again as Somerset retained the cup for another year as the match ended in a draw with Somerset bowling St. George’s all out in their second inning for 200 a lead of 96, but they would only have 7 overs in which to make the require runs. Janeiro Tucker of Somerset made history as he recorded his fifth century and first on his home ground in what is expected to be his last Cup Match after 21 years. It was a great two days of excitement and quintessential Bermuda!


Bermuda Cup Match

Sandy Parish, Bermuda – The annual two day national holiday in Bermuda known as Cup Match kicks off on July 28th and 29th. The Cup Match is centered around two days of Cricket matches between rival clubs Somerset and St. Georges. Read more